Sujai Shriram – Travel Benefits

Sujai Shriram is an Indian native who lives and works in the United States. To spend time with his wife while indulging in his hobbies, Sujai Shriram enjoys traveling the world and trying new cuisines whenever he can. Those who travel will often say that everyone should take trips on occasion, if only for the educational and professional benefits.

Sujai Shriram

If you haven’t taken the time to travel recently, you might be selling yourself short. Below is a collection of commonly-cited benefits that travel offers:

History – When you travel, you are immediately exposed to a new culture’s history by experiencing its present. If you seek out travel hotspots, they will often include historical areas that allow you to further learn about an area’s history. For example, visiting a country like India allows you to visit palaces and learn about the area’s rich culture. Additionally, when you experience something new in a country, such as a custom that you are unfamiliar with, you can almost always find a historical explanation online.

Perspective – Travel has a way of changing your perspective, allowing you to bring home customs of other cultures and to explore new things. United States travelers visiting South America, for example, might come to enjoy the afternoon siesta and decide to implement it in their daily lives. By seeing how others live, and experiencing the world first-hand instead of through pictures, you gain insights that broaden your perspective, even if you don’t bring any of it home with you. This can help you understand the customs of future business associates, friends and peers with greater ease.

Language – Travel calls on your communicative ability, and it either prompts you to learn new languages or it helps you learn to communicate differently. Those who have an easy time communicating or are multilingual are more appealing to hiring managers, as they represent greater company assets. Traveling to several countries might help you find a language that you enjoy and, in doing so, you might also make friends with whom you can practice with if you choose to learn to speak it.

Bonding – If you travel with a friend, family member or spouse, you will bond with that person in a way that otherwise would be impossible. Experiencing a degree of culture shock, learning local customs and exploring a new country brings people together. Your traveling companion might be the only person that you interact with regularly who speaks your language, for example. Travel can also serve as an opportunity for parents to bond with children while exposing them to the valuable learning experiences of visiting a different country.

Travelers like Sujai Shriram often explore the world for the joy of it, but they passively reap benefits like those above. These perks can improve your personal life and make you a more diverse and appealing professional, no matter your industry.